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Some of the features on CT. Find a vaccination site near you at ct. Attorneys general of six states -- including Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania -- ed Blumenthal in a letter seeking the information.

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These states are members of the executive committee of a multistate attorney general task force. Stronger steps and standards should result from our ongoing questions and discussion.

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Craigslist has shown some progress against blatant prostitution and pornography, but our continued prodding and pressure is appropriate. We hope for craigslist's continued cooperation.

craigslist Connecticut sex

Prostitution and commercial sex -- far from being victimless -- are linked to human trafficking and child exploitation, as well as other serious crimes. This battle may seem daunting, since the may migrate, but constricting the space available and access to them will help stop their spread.

Local Sluts in Connecticut

Describe in detail the manual review process craigslist has created to screen posts in the adult services section, including but not limited to the of individuals ased to review postings and the name of any company craigslist has or will contract with to perform this function; Identify the criteria for refusing a posting in the section, including all prohibited terms; Provide the of craigslist has declined to post in the adult services section since May 13th, including whether posters whose are denied receive notification from craigslist.

If posters are notified, please provide a copy of the form notification.

Local Sluts in Connecticut

Identify what craigslist intends to do with the funds collected for adult services. Will the funds be distributed to charitable organizations, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children?

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today asked craigslist to detail its new and stronger policies and procedures for keeping pornography and prostitution off its recently initiated adult services section, including the process for screening .

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