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Prostitutes and sex-oriented businesses have long used that section of Craigslist to advertise their services.

Early this year, the attorney general of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, representing 40 states, sent a letter to Craigslist demanding that it purge the site of such material and better enforce its own rules against illegal activity, including prostitution. The two sides began a series of conversations about what Craigslist could do to prevent such .

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In March, Craigslist began asking its erotic services advertisers to provide a phonewhich an automated system calls. The system re a series of digits, which the advertiser types into a Web as verification before the ad will appear on the site.

Find sex on craigslist Connecticut

Craigslist said that ended most of the illicit material. Under the broader agreement announced Thursday, Craigslist is going further, asking that advertisers provide valid identification.

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It will donate the money to charities, including those that combat child exploitation and human trafficking. On Wednesday, Craigslist also sued a variety of companies offering services deed to circumvent its protections.

Blumenthal said the new measures would discourage many sex operators from using Craigslist. ZIP:

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